Astros Thoughts

I was requested to add my commentary on the Astros journey in the playoffs, for those that didn’t ask for this, you’re welcome.

Game 1 ALCS:

  • First off the center fielder for the Red Socks, I’d like to kick in the nuts. For all the faces he makes when he catches each ball, it’s just punchable. Do your job and hush.
  • Valdez, you need a hug man.
  • I think it’s best I blog while watching the game.
  • How many times can they hit our guys at bat?
  • How many bases loaded can we have before we catch a break?
  • What are the odds the city can pool enough money to keep him…
  • If Robles hit precious baby Kyle Tucker, so help him.
  • Magic can happen, even in the 7th inning.
  • Maldonado is a boss for shaking that off.
  • One down, two to go.

Game 2: ALCS

  • We’re not going to talk about it.
  • Someone told me that if you only count the last few innings, we won by 1. I’m going to keep that mentality.

Game 3: ALCS

  • Well these announcers aren’t biased at all
  • New day, still want to kick the center fielder in the crotch. Just for being there.
  • This game is going to make me break out in a rash.
  • I hate everything.
  • Urquidy this just wasn’t your night
  • I’m not well
  • Kyle Tucker, you’re the hero we don’t deserve
  • So I’m going to turn it off now, sorry even the most loyal have to take a break from this kind of heartache

Game 4: ALCS

  • To be honest I was on a family FaceTime so I was able to watch the game cast but not live so I don’t have much to say for the first 4 innings
  • *sigh*
  • No no thank YOU Jose
  • Whitlock looks like his mom cut the crusts off of his sandwiches
  • Send him home Kyle, send him home
  • Or not
  • CASTROOOO *cue Wind Beneath My Wings*
  • This is what we call a redemption round
  • Sweet Correa filled dreams Boston

Game 5: ALCS

  • Okay let’s do this
  • Yordan puttin in werk. We thank you
  • Gah Sale is so good
  • Valdez you deserve to smile
  • Yes. Just yes.

Game 6: ALCS

  • Schwarber sounds like an off brand yogurt
  • I think all of my built up threats to Kiké have started to get to him and caused him to drop that ball
  • Verdugo looks like ZZ Top’s red headed stepchild
  • That was the tag heard round the world, geez
  • Garcia’s power ponytail is single-handedly getting us through this inning
  • Will you sign my petition to not allow Maton to get on the mound?
  • You almost feel bad for Schwarber playing first. Almost.
  • Maldonado!!!
  • Quit playing games with my heart Stanek
  • Mrs. Kyle Tucker. That sounds nice.

Game 1: World Series

  • Well this is off to a great start
  • This has been the longest hour of baseball
  • Not saying Charlie M getting hurt was a good thing but..
  • Finally boys on base
  • Swanson, hey thanks man
  • Okay Charlie’s now out for the remainder of the series, I’m a terrible human
  • Kyle Tucker for mvp

Game 2: World Series

  • Sorry I was at Bible study for the first two innings
  • Let’s go redemption!!

Game 3: World Series

  • Just have to say, there are a lot of mullets in the stands in Atlanta
  • Cold and rainy, great
  • Just keep rocking the baby Garcia