Side note if you’re a parent of small children, there might be some language used at Pleasure Island that you won’t want being repeated also some scenes could be scary for kids.

I didn’t want to watch this but my love of Tom Hanks and having the day off coerced me into pressing play. First things first, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Jiminy Cricket, thought I’d tell you that now so you’re not wasting the first 10 minutes of the movie trying to figure it out like me. Okay back to the movie, not bad! The original gave me nightmares as a kid but this live action one was actually pretty sweet. At this point I’m okay with Tom Hanks playing the main character in 70% of all movies, he does such a great job (those that disagree, this blog is not for you). It’s a creative approach to this classic Disney tale with new songs and more details to the plot. End of the day it is a live action remake so it’s not perfect but it’s better than some of the other ones. Grab the kids and popcorn and make a night of this one!

Rating: 2/5

Another adaptation directed by Guillermo del Toro will be released on Netflix in December.

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