Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

Okay so if you didn’t watch MMPR as a kid, just go ahead and skip this one because you’ll think it’s extremely lame. For those that are still with me, this is pretty fun. Yes it’s corny but it’s a fun current take on what could go wrong with the OG Power Rangers now. Trini … Continue reading Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

The Night Agent

Number of episodes: 10 Night Action, is a White House emergency line that sends agents in response to those in danger all around the world. A governmental 911 service, if you will, and someone's got to answer the phone. FBI-agent Peter Sutherland is an American hero who has been assigned man the Night Action phone … Continue reading The Night Agent

The Swimmers

Based on the incredibly inspiring true story, two sisters who swim competitively leave flee their war-torn country in order to train for the Olympics. Sara and Yusra Mardini’s journey as refugees is haunting and courageous. They swam alongside their boat from Syria to Greece. I haven't watched a movie that moved me in a while … Continue reading The Swimmers

The School for Good and Evil

High school, but it's the birthplace of fairy tales and is plagued with mysterious dark magic….welcome to The School for Good and Evil! Based on the beloved YA book, Sophie and Agatha want to escape their town but Sophie’s great idea brings them both to the SFGAE. But instead of going into the schools that … Continue reading The School for Good and Evil