Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

Okay so if you didn’t watch MMPR as a kid, just go ahead and skip this one because you’ll think it’s extremely lame. For those that are still with me, this is pretty fun. Yes it’s corny but it’s a fun current take on what could go wrong with the OG Power Rangers now. Trini … Continue reading Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

The Night Agent

Number of episodes: 10 Night Action, is a White House emergency line that sends agents in response to those in danger all around the world. A governmental 911 service, if you will, and someone's got to answer the phone. FBI-agent Peter Sutherland is an American hero who has been assigned man the Night Action phone … Continue reading The Night Agent

Shotgun Wedding

A remote island destination wedding with pirates and Jennifer Coolidge. Josh Duhamel and JLo are about to get married when all their guests are held hostage… not ideal but it’s pretty hilarious! There's plenty of action and violence for those thrill seekers, and strangely will still make you want to go to the Phillippines. I … Continue reading Shotgun Wedding