Boston Strangler

Trigger warning: movie contains graphic crime scenes and depiction of murder During the 1960s, thirteen women were killed by the Boston Strangler. The city of Boston wasn’t put on high alert until Loretta McLaughlin, one of the few female reporters at the Boston Record American, connected the dots that this was the same pattern. Her … Continue reading Boston Strangler

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

Trigger Warning: show discusses situations of sexual abuse, eating disorders, and pedophilia. Number of episodes: 3 Before Instagram, Victoria’s Secret was the way to see unattainable beauty standards. We all know the brand, we can envision the storefront at the local mall, and we all have heard of or seen the fashion show. However, you … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

Under The Banner Of Heaven

Warning: this show depicts a gruesome crime, domestic abuse, and violence Number of episodes: 7 Based on the book by Jon Krakauer, you are taken head first into a disturbing and layered crime centered around the most prominent Mormon family in Salt Lake City. The Lafferty's seemingly has it all; a big family (all devout … Continue reading Under The Banner Of Heaven

The Girl From Plainville

Warning: suicide and eating disorder are depicted in episodes Number of episodes: 8 Based on the true story as seen in the HBO documentary I Love You, Now Die, Michelle Carter loves her boyfriend so much that she encourages him to commit suicide. Played by Elle Fanning, who nails her terrible eyebrows perfectly, you see … Continue reading The Girl From Plainville

The Dropout

Warning: an episode depicts sexual assault Number of episodes: 8 Theranos, a Silicon Valley wonder-kin that seemed too good to be true. Well, they were right. Spearheaded by a charismatic and headstrong young woman, Elizabeth Holmes, what started as a concept by a college dropout turned into a billion-dollar company built on lies. Amanda Seyfried … Continue reading The Dropout