Warning: movie depicts and discusses racially-charged murder Emmett Till was 14 when he was kidnapped, beaten, shot, and thrown in a river. This movie isn’t about the horrific murder, but his mother’s actions immediately following. Emmett’s mom could have quietly grieved but she chose to fight for the prosecution of his killers and to show … Continue reading Till


Loosely based on true events, two WW1 veterans (Christian Bale and John David Washington) and Margot Robbie take it upon themselves to solve the murder of a beloved army general. The better Batman (Bale) is a disheveled doctor that helps veterans back from battle with experimental medication and little Denzel (Washington) is an attorney. All … Continue reading Amsterdam

The Woman King

Warning: movie contains gruesome violence and depicts sexual assault All women, African, Braveheart. That is what this movie encapsulates. Based on true events, the African kingdom, the Dahomey, in the 1800s must protect its people from the slave trade. The only line of defense? All female warriors led by Viola Davis. Imagine if the king's … Continue reading The Woman King