Loosely based on true events, two WW1 veterans (Christian Bale and John David Washington) and Margot Robbie take it upon themselves to solve the murder of a beloved army general. The better Batman (Bale) is a disheveled doctor that helps veterans back from battle with experimental medication and little Denzel (Washington) is an attorney. All is going relatively well until the speaker for their annual veterans gala is murdered – whether they want to or not, they’re on the case. There’s a huge cast list of A-list actors that you don’t see coming, if you can stand it I wouldn’t even look it up so you too can be surprised. The movie is a bit slow in the first half, mainly for character development and backstory, but it’s easy to follow along and fun. Overall, I did like it, especially the historical backstory, might not be seeing it again but it’s worth a watch if after all of this your interest is peaked.

Rating: 3/5

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