Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

Okay so if you didn’t watch MMPR as a kid, just go ahead and skip this one because you’ll think it’s extremely lame. For those that are still with me, this is pretty fun. Yes it’s corny but it’s a fun current take on what could go wrong with the OG Power Rangers now. Trini … Continue reading Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: Once & Always

The Night Agent

Number of episodes: 10 Night Action, is a White House emergency line that sends agents in response to those in danger all around the world. A governmental 911 service, if you will, and someone's got to answer the phone. FBI-agent Peter Sutherland is an American hero who has been assigned man the Night Action phone … Continue reading The Night Agent

Daisy Jones & the Six

Trigger warning: show contains drug and alcohol abuse and adult content Number of episodes: 10 Based on the book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, this documentary styled show follows behind the scenes of a fictional rock band’s origin. The premise is they reached the height of fame and then it all ended. No one knows why … Continue reading Daisy Jones & the Six

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

Number of episodes: 2 Manti Te’o is known as a fantastic football player, Heisman contender, and overall great person. During his senior year at Notre Dame, he shared that his grandmother and girlfriend died on the same day, and subsequently dedicated his season to them. A heartbreaking story that tugged on the whole country’s heartstrings. … Continue reading Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

The Most Hated Man On The Internet

Trigger warning: this show contains testimony from victims of sexual exploitation, derogatory language towards women, nudity, drug abuse, suicide, and depression Number of episodes: 3 Revenge porn. Two words that you know exactly what it is and their effect. No good can come from it unless you're Hunter Moore. In 2010, he made a website … Continue reading The Most Hated Man On The Internet

Under The Banner Of Heaven

Warning: this show depicts a gruesome crime, domestic abuse, and violence Number of episodes: 7 Based on the book by Jon Krakauer, you are taken head first into a disturbing and layered crime centered around the most prominent Mormon family in Salt Lake City. The Lafferty's seemingly has it all; a big family (all devout … Continue reading Under The Banner Of Heaven

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Disclaimer: this show contains elements of rape and sexual assault Finally another thriller limited series! Based on the book with the same title by Sarah Vaughan, a Parliamentary minister’s worst nightmare comes true, the marital affair he had with a coworker has made the headlines. To make matters worse, there are now allegations of rape. … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Scandal