Shotgun Wedding

A remote island destination wedding with pirates and Jennifer Coolidge. Josh Duhamel and JLo are about to get married when all their guests are held hostage… not ideal but it’s pretty hilarious! There's plenty of action and violence for those thrill seekers, and strangely will still make you want to go to the Phillippines. I … Continue reading Shotgun Wedding

The Summer I Turned Pretty

*Review Request* Number of episodes: 7 Based on the book with the same name, Amazon Prime has provided its own Nicholas Sparks-esque summer rom-com. Belly (why that's an acceptable nickname I'll never understand) has a glow-up and is reunited with her childhood crush for the summer. Now insert teen drama and second-hand embarrassment for seven … Continue reading The Summer I Turned Pretty

I Want You Back

Ever want to sabotage your ex’s chance at happiness? Well, Jenny Slate and Charlie Day get dumped and want their exes to want them back. Befriending each other’s former partners with the hope of sabotaging their current relationships causes all sorts of fun twists. This is funny and lighthearted and a good modern rom-com to … Continue reading I Want You Back

Love Hard

It’s the season for Netflix original Christmas movies. First up is Love Hard featuring Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang. Dobrev is a writer that falls in love with a boy online and surprises him for Christmas only to find out she’s been catfished. There’s many predictable plot points and a couple of so-cringey-you-have-to-leave-the room … Continue reading Love Hard