White Noise

Don’t you hate it when you have to evacuate because of a chemical leak? Based on the book of the same name by Don DeLillo, Professor Gladney (Adam Driver), his new wife (THE Greta Gerwig), and his family are forced to leave their home because of a toxic cloud headed towards their town. This movie shows the event and the aftermath. There’s mass chaos and family bickering but is also creepy. I’ll admit, this movie is weird but the 1980s fashion is amazing. Not sure if it’s supposed to be a human interest movie or a science-fiction but it tetters the line. I’ll admit I got a little bit of PTSD from watching people trying to understand an illness that no one understands yet… If you get anxious with natural disasters, are easily paranoid, or don’t like “the world is ending” movies perhaps skip this one.

Rating: 1.5/5

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