Trigger warning: scenes depicting anorexia and bulimia and the behaiviors that follow them are sprinkled throughout the film

I am obsessed with the royal family. A fact that I’m unashamed of. I am equally in love with Princess Diana and who she was. This movie is not a happy movie. It’s a real movie. The premise is Diana spends Christmas with the royal family in 1991 (a year before she formally seperates from Charles in ’92.) She goes along with the family rituals and events but you can see her mental anguish and she’s with the man who’s openly cheating on her and the family that doesn’t care how she feels. If you’ve watched the Crown, you will know that Charles is an insecure weinie and the royal family has a “don’t show how you feel and get over it” mentality. You can see how taxing and soul crushing that is by Kristen Stewart’s amaxing performance. There are times that you sincerely forget that it’s Stewart. She spent six months working with a vocal coach to get Diana’s accent and demenor right. My Oscar predictions is at bare minimum the cinematograhy and costume design will be nominated. It’s a beatiful movie that is slow and heartbreaking.

Rating: 5/5

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