House Of Gucci

Let me start off by saying that I did zero research about this movie before watching it. I knew of the all-star cast but that’s it. The premise is about the relationship between Mauricio and Patrizia Gucci and the years after. The Gucci family is a complicated and prideful one with many different dynamics. Insults are spoken as effortlessly as a compliment. Lady Gaga portrays Patrizia, a borderline-obsessed social climber that wants to be a part of the Gucci family. You’d think she’d be the villain but the villain changes throughout the course of the film. Adam Driver as Mauricio Gucci plays a man that doesn’t want to join the family business but is manipulated into being a part of it. Off the bat, Jared Leto earned his Oscar nomination. He plays Paulo Gucci and is the comedic relief we don’t expect. Running just shy of three hours, you’ll be transfixed by the emotional performances of the entire cast.

Rating: 4/5

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