Euphoria Season 2

Warning: show depicts emotional and drug abuse

Number of episodes: 8

There’s a reason why this show is getting buzz and winning awards. It’s a look inside a group of friends/acquaintances that are all broken. Picking up from last season, Zendaya is getting over being heartbroken, Cassie is just trying to be loved, and Lexi wants a voice. Without saying much more that’s the best I can do without ruining anything. Some of the harder scenes/episodes to watch just show how powerful the acting is. If you’ve never watched Euphoria before, start with season 1 and if after 3 episodes you hate it then this won’t be the show for you. Sam Levinson strikes again with an electric, emotional, and dark depiction of the issues that exist in everyone but in this case just kids in high school. Sydney Sweeney and Zendaya WILL be nominated come next award season.

Rating: 4/5

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