There’s two things that make a good biopic movie. First, when you forget at one point that you’re watching a movie and not a documentary. Second, when you truly hate the villain. This movie has both. Austin Butler does the impossible task of taking on the role of Elvis Presley from the beginning of his career to his unfortunate end. This isn’t a movie about his love with Priscilla or how he came up with songs (plot twist he didn’t write any of his own songs,) it’s a look at the toxic business relationship between him and his longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks. Priscilla and Lisa Marie gave this their blessing, with good reason. Not only do I think that this is the best shot at an Elvis behind-the-scenes movie but I think for his legacy this was huge. For those that only think of the “fat” and old Elvis or the gimmicks that exist in Las Vegas today, this will be an important look at the man that was more than just a Vegas act. It’s almost 3 hours long but if you can sit still that long, I’d highly recommend seeing this one. Come award season, there’s going to be some noms for sure.

Rating: 4/5

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