Obi-Wan Kenobi

Disclaimer: This blog doesn’t stand for any SW slander so this is 100% biased

Number of episodes: 6

Picking up (10 years later) from Episode III, Ewan McGregor is in hiding on Tatooine, keeping a low profile, while ensuring that Luke is safe from afar. Things change for the worse when, in an attempt to coax Obi-Wan out of hiding, a young Leia is kidnapped. Snaps to Disney for bringing back actors from movies past in order to make this show as accurate as possible. Yes there are parts that can be made fun of or nitpicked but overall this is a perfect continuation of Ben’s story. Also little Leia was brilliantly casted, she even looks like Carrie Fisher. If you loved 4-6 and liked/tolerated 1-3, you’ll appreciate what’s done here. This is so far a limited series but both McGregor and Hayden Christianson have expressed interest in more seasons so Disney balls in your court.

Rating: 5/5 (what were you expecting I told you this was rigged from the beginning)

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