The Power of the Dog

Ever hated the fact that your brother got married so much that you’d do anything to make it go away? Welcome to Benedict Cumberbatch’s life in this nominated psychological drama. BC and Landry from Friday Night Lights (Jesse Plemons) are brothers on a cattle ranch in rural Montana. Alls well until Plemons meets and falls … Continue reading The Power of the Dog

Archive 81

Blair Witch meets Nancy Drew. That's Archive 81. A young man named Dan is commissioned to restore old video camera footage. Simple enough right? Except the footage is the last remaining evidence from a famous apartment building fire. The videographer is a student named Melanie who becomes enthralled with finding out about the building's mysterious … Continue reading Archive 81

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Televangelists. People “chosen to do Gods work” by asking for donations while preaching on tv. Sound wacky? Well not for Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. The two were some of the countries most popular televangelists in the 80s until scandal broke and disrupted their perfect image. Filmed from Tammy’s perspective you see the fame, the … Continue reading The Eyes of Tammy Faye