Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

And we are back in Wakanda! In case you weren’t aware/forgot Chadwick Boseman passed away two years ago due to cancer. The biggest question surrounding the production of this movie was how do you make a Black Panther movie without the Black Panther? Well, they did it…and it rocked. Not only is this a beautiful tribute to Boseman but it offered the returning cast a chance to grieve and heal (many of them did not get to attend Boseman’s funeral because of Covid-19). The story picks up after his death in a world that now knows Wakanda has vibranium. Without giving a single thing away I’ll say that there’s a new villain/opposing nation, lots of action, and of course some comedy. I was really impressed with how they handled each character’s development and despite it being an almost three-hour movie, it was easy to follow. If you’re like me and haven’t been impressed with the MCU post-Endgame I would encourage you to give this one a shot. No way you’ll get out of the theater without shedding a tear. All in all, in terms of sequels, they did a good job.

Rating: 4.5/5

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