Scream VI

Ghostface is back…again…again? A year after the last movie ended, the Carpenter sisters moved from Woodsboro to the great NYC. Tara is at college and Sam is doing her best to stay in her sister’s life and find peace again. Now for those familiar with the Scream franchise, you know that just because someone goes to college doesn’t mean trouble won’t find them. Ghostface seems to have found the whole crew from Woodsboro and they’re back with a vengeance. Suddenly you’re plunged back into the “killer, killer, who could be the killer” mindset assessing every character and making your best guess. Will you be the one to predict it correctly? A few legacy characters make an appearance, but I won’t spoil those for you. Wednesday Addams (Jenny Ortega) I don’t think will leave the horror genre anytime soon, she’s just too talented. If you’ve never seen any of the movies you might be a little lost as there are so many references to the previous films. Overall, I thought it was a well-thought-out movie (those are shockingly hard to find these days), and entertaining from start to finish.

Scream 7 has yet to be confirmed.

Rating: 3.5/5

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