Violent Night

Remember when you first watched Home Alone and all of the pranks happened to Harry and Marv and you tell yourself “no one would survive that.” Well, rational thinker, you’ll be happy to know that Violent Night is nothing but realistic. Santa aka Hopper from Stranger Things (David Harbour) is delivering presents to a nice fancy mansion when bad guys come to hold the family hostage for money. What’s a Santa to do? Shock and awe the heck out of the intruders that’s what! It’s extremely gory but like I prefaced, this is a realistic movie. To make it even better, the mom from the National Lampoon movies is the billionaire matriarch of the family. It’s ridiculous and will make you say “noooo” while covering your eyes but also it will make you laugh. It’s so violent that it’s funny. Maybe save your pennies and wait for it to stream. No Oscar is in sight for this movie but it was entertaining I’ll give it that.

Rating: 1.5

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